About me

Some words about me: I'm a 36 years old father of two boys (4 and 10 years old), married to a great wife. We are living in Erlangen, a City nearby Nuernberg in Germany/Bavaria.
My gaming skills are not unicum, but strong enough to have fun and don't get lost.

Usually I'm doing SQL Database development and .NET development with a bit of packaging with Windows Installer / ORCA.

I'm playing WoT on the european server.
You can contact me via eMail on marius.czyz AT gmail.com or via PM on the WoT European Forum.
The language can be either english, german/deutsch or polish/po polsku.

Thanks goes out to....

First of all, BIG thanks for all who donated and supported me!

Also my thanks goes to all users, testers and beta testers who are providing valuable feedback which pushes the development further.

Additionally, special thanks goes to these honorable persons:
AlongTheMilkyWays - Thanks for using your API at the beginning to get the dossier cache transformed to JSON
Gottzilla - Thanks for the help and hints during my journey transforming the dossier cache to JSON on my own
NSaaiman - Thanks for your contribution to WoT-Dossier-Cache-to-JSON
euvido - Thanks for your efforts to decrypt replays and making the battle simulator possible
Scrambled - Thanks for sharing your ideas

Big thanks goes also to andersje, SatNiGHTS and BillBockey for their outstanding support to get the server back to service after both RAID1 disks failed in January 2013.

Support vBAddict

The programming and maintenance of the site is eating much time and money. The server costs me monthly 217 EUR, which has to be paid from my own pocket.

If you like to show some appreciation, feel free to donate:

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Thanks in Advance!

Server Environment

This site is driven by PHP, Python and MySQL. Serving content is done by Apache2 Web Server 2.4 and Apache Traffic Server 7. Additional tuning is made with OPCache and Memcache.

Server "Leclerc"

Intel® Xeon® E5-1650 v3 Hexa-Core Haswell Processor
256 GB RAM
2x 480 GB SSD, HW RAID 1
2x 4 TB HDD, HW RAID 1

About my projects related to WoT

vBAddict for Developers offers you much for your Projects related to WoT
vBAddict for Developers

Technical Support for the WN Efficiency Team, Wiki and Site with the Expected Tank Values:
WN Efficiency Wiki

Supporting the BotDetect Team with the backend system for Reportings: