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Download ADU

You can download the latest version of the Active Dossier Uploader here:

ADU requires at least the runtime .NET 3.5, which is mostly installed on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.x Computers.


The easiest way to upload your Dossier Cache, Battle Results and Replays is by using the ADU Active Dossier Uploader. This tiny program can be run in the background while playing WoT. It scans for changes on the related files and automatically uploads them to vBAddict. The files are processed and you can switch directly to your charts by using the included link.


After the download is completed, you can execute the program without installing it. On first start it asks you to select your WoT profile. Ater selecting your profile and confirming it with "Ok" the Active Dossier Uploader monitors this file for changes. Once ADU collects and upload data, the Quick Summary will be created for you:

Alternative to ADU

Beside the small executable of ADU there is a possibility to upload data directly to vBAddict. This works on any platform like f.e. Linux with WoT on Wine or Mac and can be integrated into any other application.
vBAddict API: Uploading Dossier, Battle Results and Replays to