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  • Back from Vacation

    Now as I returned from my Winter Vacation, the work on the Site will be continued.

    - Just fixed a bug where Japanese replays were not recognized correctly, will do a re-scan for older replays to catch them also.

    - ATS has been fixed for WoT 0.8.10 - thanks to EXEL. You should notice an update to v1.0.6

    - Still missing the Icon for the new Map.

    - WN8 has been updated to the last expected tank values v14, colors in tank overview on left side has been fixed
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      Is it possible to change the ATS so it doesn't upload so many .json files so often? I have 78+ tanks in garage and it is uploading a .json file for every tank it seems like way too often. Not sure why it would need those files more than once or twice per gaming session.