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  • Tank Inspector - Model Viewer with data provided by

    Let me introduce you the Tank Inspector, a desktop application which lets you view model and data of all the tanks in your World of Tanks client.

    Tank Inspector uses the Tank Statistics provided by the vBAddict API to enhance the data view. They are known as the LiveStats.
    LiveStats is based on ~1.5 Mio Battle Results submitted by you.

    Official Description of the possibilities:
    • Model View
      • View tank models in high quality
      • View collision models with intuitive armor thickness indication
      • Shoot Test with selected shell type and caliber to measure and analyze equivalent/effective armor thickness, even in a sniper mode
    • Data View
      • View tank stats in all aspects, including hidden and undisclosed ones
      • View LiveStats which are based on recent battles, to learn about the actual strength of tanks
      • Compare stats of different tank configuration on the fly
      • Compare all available stats with a benchmark tank or another real tank in an intuitive view

    Download Tank Inspector here:

    View vBAddict Tank Statistics here:
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      Tried to download it but took me to a site that is only in Korean I think
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      It requires you to register an account with them an email and password just to use the program. I think I will stick to the good old tank viewer.
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      Quote Originally Posted by View Post
      Tried to download it but took me to a site that is only in Korean I think
      you tried to download the beta version.... thats just for beta testers