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  • WN8: Cached!

    Since the introduction of WN8 few weeks ago the server is experience much problems related to server load.
    So I decided today to cache the WN8 values, instead of processing them live, like I'm doing with PA and WN7.

    That means, your overall and tank based WN8 will be updated only once in 2h. This time frame should be enough for all cases and will be increased if necessary.

    Let's hope this will decrease the server load.

    Also, ATS will get an update today. With this, ATS is using just one file for uploading instead of one per tank.

    ATS 1.0.7 has been released, it should arrive in ADU as an automatic update.
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      could you please make the "quick summary" more compact again? lines and colums are too much seperated. it takes too much screen and its really hard to read at once. Or maybe you can put in some option to adjust the size of the table. thanks. older version was much better to read. Filter by tank would be great, too.