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  • Replays on vBAddict: Daily thousands new Replays

    The floodgates are now open!

    Since the massive upgrade of vBAddict to version 2.0 this week, you can access over 1 Million Replays. Download them or use the Battle Simulator to view a 2D Version of a Replay in your Browser.

    vBAddict's Replay Archive is currently growing fast, each day over TEN THOUSANDS Replays are uploaded.

    That huge Archive can be browsed either with a pre-selected set of Replays or through the search facility.

    Browse the current categories and find gems...
    ... shared by Unicums (Purple's Corner)
    ... of Platoons dominating the Battle
    ... which have been shared by multiple players of one single Battle (Multiview)
    ... which shows a Battle from the Eyes of both Teams (Versus)
    ... showing how to make Credits (Credits Maker)

    Additionally, I decided to create categories for each tank class. These Replays are uploaded by players who are the best in the related tank class.

    vBAddict is being used by 27k gamers, most of them are using the Active Dossier Uploader (ADU). ADU monitors Dossier cache files, Battle Results and Replays to upload them automatically to vBAddict.

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