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  • Heatmaps v2 - Massive Update

    Since the introduction of Heatmaps in August 2013 there were many requests regarding more details on the Maps.
    On base of the data from September 2013 I've created few weeks ago new Heatmaps for Tank Classes, which you were able to see since the release of vBAddict 2.0

    In the last two weeks the vBAddict Server collected in the background new movement data for each Map and Gametype, 54 in sum. Today the last Heatmap was rendered, so I switched the new version.

    Direct Link:

    The changes compared to the old Heatmaps are in detail these:
    • Data for movement extracted from Replays played in January/February 2014
    • Only tanks of tier 3 and higher have been included
    • Movement seperated into different categories: By Team, By Class, Tank Classes (Light, Medium, Heavy, TD, SPG)
    • The base Maps have now a bigger size, it's size has been doubled to 1024px
    • Improved handling with a picture viewer which resizes to your Browser's screen resolution
    • New Gametypes:
      • Assault
      • Encounter

    • New Maps in Pool:
      • Hidden Village
      • Komarin
      • Northwest
      • Serene Coast
      • Swamp
      • Tundra

    There are already plans for Heatmaps v3, which I plan to release end of February 2014. Beside tracking movement for the Confrontation Gametype, I plan to integrate the three new Maps Windstorm, Ruinberg on Fire and Winter Himmelsdorf.
    Also planning to rework the Heatmaps for all Maps which are smaller than 1000x1000 meters. For example Mines or Himmelsdorf. The movement here remembers one on a pattern which does not look that good.
    Additionally, there are missing features which I plan to integrate into Heatmaps v3. Positions of Base and Team plus a grid based on quadrants will be for sure part of it.
    Ruinberg on Fire and Himmelsdorf Winter should have the same movement like their existing versions, but who knows what some little snow can do in gamers mind...

    What definitely makes no sense are Heatmaps based on WN8 or a similar rating (needs to much server power which I don't have), place of frequent kills (just look at the most frequent positions on map), tier based Heatmaps (combination of both - needs too much server power and is similar to the existing Heatmaps).

    Once again, thanks to euvido to make this possible!