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  • BotDetect for WoT 0.9.0

    vBAddict is actively working with other Members of the community to make the gamers life of proven BotUsers difficult.

    Since today you are able to download the modification that will enhance your ingame "Report AFK/Bot" ability by submitting this complaint also to
    As soon as it arrives, st0rmshadow is able to review this report and will search within 2 Mio Battle Results and and 1.5 Mio. Replays where this User was involved.

    For best result it would be great to have a Replay of that game. You can use the ADU Active Dossier Uploader to upload your Replays automatically to

    BotDetect was made by locastan and is compatible with WoT 0.8.11.

    Like the old XVM-Boticons, it will show a little boticon if a convicted botter is found in a battle with you and also assign him the artifical "clan" [BOT!].
    To show the little Boticon besides the playername in Battle you will need XVM with activated Clanlogos in the config. If you don't want to install XVM, you will miss the little icon, but still see the fantasy clan [BOT!] if a convicted Bot is found in your battle.

    About/Download ADU Active Dossier Uploader

    Download BotDetect for WoT 0.8.11:

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      Does this work on the NA servers?
      The reason I ask, is I saw that the clan icon it uses is in the 'EU' folder and so I wasn't sure if it would do anything useful for NA users.
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      Will it work for RU cluster?
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      Yes, it works with all clusters.
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      i simply take this and put it in game folder for it to work? Just making sure i dont need to adjust where any of these go
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      when will be aviable for 9.0
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      No 9.0?
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      Quote Originally Posted by View Post
      The script for 9.0 works only partially for me, it changes the clan name when already in the battle, but it doesn't while the battle is loading, so the XVM does not put the BOT/WIPE clan icon where it should.
      Worked fine in 8.11 when there was updatePlayers used for clan name change, now seems that populateData fires too late for some reason and by then XVM is already done with clan icons.
      I took the old version and changed the update method (leaving the old name comparison method instead of the new player ID match) and same problem was there.

      In case the first sentence isn't clear, let's assume we have player Bob, a clan member of [ABCD] and a confirmed botter.
      During battle loading I see "Bob[ABCD]" with ABCD's clan icon, but when the battle loads I see "Bob[BOT!]" but still ABCD's clan icon where the bot skull should be.
      If Bob were to be clanless, during battle loading there is "Bob" with no icon, after the battle loads it's "Bob[BOT!]" with no icon still.
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      There is a newer version here:
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      Používal som bota, reštartovali mi účet,začal som hrať poctivo od začiatku, ale označenie bota mi nezmizlo.
      Robíte niekedy aj reštart Botdetect ???
      keď áno tak ako často, alebo ako sa dá zbaviť tohto označenia?

      I used the boot, restart my account, I started to play honest from the beginning, but my shoe label has not disappeared.
      You do sometimes restart BotDetect??
      if yes so how often, or how does one get rid of that sign?
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      I found this graphic in the signature of an user in official forum.
      Is this official from vbaddict, and can we use it too?
      Greetings Andy
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      Sure, why not. It's just missing a t on vBAddict...
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      When is 9.1 coming
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      In this page, it is difficult to find the good link to get the compatible botdetect version with 0.9.2 WOT version :

      - the Download BotDetect for WoT 0.8.11 link gives the link which gets

      - the gives three links to get &

      - in, there is an res_mods\0.8.10 folder inside

      - in, there is an res_mods\0.8.11 folder inside

      - In, there is an res_mods\0.9.0 folder inside

      Is there an compatible botdetect update for 0.9.2 WOT version with an res_mods\0.9.2 folder inside ?

      Thx per advanced