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  • Statistics on Consumables and Equipment

    Users of ADU Active Dossier Uploader in conjunction with ATS Advanced Tank Statistics (needs to be enabled in ADU) uploads inventory data of all tanks in garage to

    Data is available for Modules, Consumables, Equipment, Ammo and Crew.

    Now you are able to compare what you are using with what the community has built into their tanks.

    Let's see this example on my T-54 (Link):

    You can see I'm using Small First Aid Kit and Small Repair Kit, additionally the Manual Fire Extinguisher. I'm using that for all tanks, so this will be always the same

    This is the more interesting part, as it seems I'm using Equipment which most Unicums are also using - good for me, that was a good decision.

    On my AMX 50 Foch I'm using Coated Optics, which only 5.8% of Unicums are using - seems this was a bad idea. Need to replace it with something more efficient, which I can see in this complete List for the AMX 50 Foch: (see Equipment Tab)

    All this data is secured for public viewing by a setting you can change for yourself in your Profile.
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      Added now also Crew.
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      For the crew, perhaps the percentages should be adjusted for the number of crewmen that can take the skill, e.g. for the Chaffee 6th Sense is shown as a 13.6% share (for unicorns). Ofc what this means is that 13.6%*5= 68% of unicorns have 6th on their commander. I was thinking that you just needed to multiply by the number of crew but actually this is complicated fro tanks with two crewmen in the same role, I guess.
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      The percentage does not work that way. It says how many commander's are using it, not how many crewmembers are having it. Per tank it is counting only once.
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      Great site, just joined. Is there a way to import past statistics or does it just take from the time you install the downloader and go forward? Thanks
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      Importing past statistics is not possible, as WoT does not track them. They just have a snapshot of all data, which is used for creating deltas on repeated uploads.