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  • Game Statistics available

    Ever wanted to know what Tier does get the most income? Fairly it's known enough it should be Tier 8, especially with a premium tank. You can get such information already out of the vBAddict database by using the Tank Statistics with a group by Tank Class.

    These raw numbers now turned into nice charts. For that purpose there is a new section called "Game Statistics" which will include all kind of data which needs to be visualized.

    For the beginning, I decided to include the frequency of played games. This is completely new, as this kind of data is not available anywhere else. You can for example see how Company Battles relate to 7/42 Team Battles.
    Additionally, I included Average Net Income, grouped by Tank Class, Premium and Tiers. The third statistics are displaying the tank classes distribution over the tiers.

    More will come, for example distribution of nations over the classes and tiers, how much time a game in a specific tier plays.

    These are the first one:

    If you need more data, take a look at the Tank Statistics.

    Keep in mind, these charts are not official data from Wargaming.
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      Just curious, would there ever be a possibility of charts that show what kind of matchmaking each tank gets?

      For example, a chart that shows that the KV-1 gets 48% Tier 5 battles, 38% Tier 6 battles, and 14% Tier 7 battles. (Those numbers are fictional of course, but hopefully that explains things.)