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  • WN8: Target Damage now available for your Tanks

    WN8 depends much on the amount of Damage Dealt. With the values below you can find out how much damage you are dealing in compare to the desired WN8 Rating.

    Keep in mind, the target damage is just a suggestion without consideration of the other WN8 Components like Spotted, Defence and Winrate.

    These values are representing the required damage, not the WN8 Rating.

    WN8 Details with target damage is now available on all of your tanks, if there are expected tank values available for that particular tank.

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      Hello, and what do I do when WN8 Target Damage shows zeroes for all bars?

      Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm a bit lost with this forum scheme
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      I see 0 for the target damage too, even on the example link given in the blog post.
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      The values were not calculated since the last patch. Did that now.