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  • The future of vBAddict

    Since 2011 vBAddict is providing a way to analyse your WoT dossier files. Since then, the set of features has been expanded multiple times, resulting in an growing number of interested and active users. The server has already been replaced in mid 2012, and reaches now it's limit once again. This time I don't have any options left to expand it.

    Let me first tell you about the current situation.
    This site is driven by PHP 5.6, Python 2.7 and Percona MySQL 5.6 on a Debian 8.0 Jessie Linux machine with Apache2 Web Server 2.4 and Apache Traffic Server 5. Additional tuning is made with OPCache and Memcached.
    It runs on Intel Core i7-2600 Quad-Core with 32 GB RAM, supported by two SATA Drives with 3 TB of storage running as SW RAID 1. The database is located on an 480 GB SSD. Caching is served from a 240 GB SSD. Backup of the database is done on a daily schedule.

    With this setup, vBAddict is able to handle ~16000 Users per day. During high peak times from 17-23h CET there are ~190 users per minute active, checking their stats and doing ~340 uploads per minute. Mostly Battle Results, followed by Dossier files and Replays. Like I already stated nine months ago, I expect the numbers to grow!

    But vBAddict is more than that. Let me explain what vBAddict is offering for the WoT Community.

    • Data delivery for the WN7/WN8 Team for the calculation of the expected tank values
    • Wiki and Expected Tank Values for WN8 are hosted on vBAddict
    • vBAddict is working as backend for the BotDetect modification, with an average of 28 reports per minute
    • Providing Statistics via vBAddict API for Sites and Tools like,, Tank Inspector ("LiveStats"),

    vBAddict needs the ability to process even more users, also with benefits for the current userbase. To keep all services fast and responsive, with the possibility to expand, I decided to switch to a new server platform.

    The new Server Environment would allow me to expand and also having some additional goodies.
    • Less downtime for uploads while speeding up the whole uploading process
    • Faster processing of your personal statistics
    • More disk space for a bigger Replay Archive
    • More statistics/possibilities available in the future
    • Improved reliability through RAID 5 and RAID 10, together with the possibility to do database backups on the fly with Percona XtraDB Cluster

    The Hardware for the new Environment would consist of two Servers, working would be split into two main tasks. One for crunching numbers, the other one for delivering content. Both Servers would act as a target for uploading via ADU. With this would be almost no downtime as the other server would be able to accept the data.

    The planned configuration is as follows:

    • Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 Hexa-Core
    • 64 GB RAM
    • 3x 240 GB SSD on RAID 5 for database
    • 1x 2 TB SATA for operating system

    Content Delivery
    • Intel Core i7-2600 Quad-Core
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 4x 4 TB SATA RAID 10 for images, replays, static content

    With that configuration, I would have to pay monthly 263 EUR. That is 131 EUR more than currently. The next step is important for me, as I would not be able to pay that amount out from my own pocket.

    Would you support me going this way?

    Give me your opinion in this Poll:
    Poll about the future of vBAddict

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