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  • vBAddict now running on new Servers

    The last few days were very work intensive. I had to move tons of files, about 2 TB of data and 320 GB of database from one server to the new ones. During that time I had to create the correct environment to get all sites and applications up and running.

    The new vBAddict Server Environment in details:
    Server "Carius"
    Database Server
    Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 Hexacore Ivy Bridge-E Processor
    64 GB RAM
    4x 240 GB SSD, RAID 10

    Server "Abrams"
    Storage Server
    Intel Core i7-2600 Quadcore Processor
    16 GB RAM
    4x 4 TB SATA, RAID 10

    Still, there is a lot of work left to optimize the system to the new environment. Database-wise it is running smooth already, but the storage server is a bit overworked. Let's see how I can move some tasks to the database server

    Hopefully this setup will be enough for the next few months!

    ADU needs to be updated to v3.1 to upload the data to the correct server.

    If you encounter some errors, please contact me or open a ticket in the tracker
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      That should do for some time I guess, glad the site is back and without much trouble for you I hope.
      Gonna setup a recurring donation now, that stuff certainly isn't cheap.
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      Now the Server is always busy..:/
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      Yes, it still needs optimization, as the amount of clients needs to be increased. Wait few days until all stuff is working perfectly.

      I assume you are already using ADU 3.1?
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      Nice work man
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      no. ADU 3.06
      where to download 3.1?
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      found it.

      uploads 10 things then goes offline again.
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      Still very slow uploading, I guess that will come with time. Running ADU 3.1 now. GJ Phalynx!
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      Great Job!
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      The performance is now a lot better. Open issue is still the replay processing, some libs are missing - this is just a server issue which I will fix soon.
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      Server bill for the first month + old server for few days + setup fee has been paid! BIG thanks for donating over 400 EUR!
      I was sure you will not let me pay that alone, but I didn't expected it that fast!
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      I'm not sure if this is right place to leave a couple of questions.

      1) how do I start a forum thread?

      2) I cannot see how to record and then save and play a random battle I take part in?

      Forgive my bad manners if this is wrong place for the above but at 64 years of age I'm not the
      sharpest tool in the box like I was when I was younger.

      Warmest regards from OldPhart.