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  • Statistics and In-Depth analysis of the Maps you played

    For your own profile you are now able to track down the Winrate and other key values per Map and Tank. Take a look at the best and worst maps, combined with the list of the top ten used tanks on that map.

    Keep in mind, only Battles played on Reglar Public Random/Standard Capture the Flag are counted into that.

    With the new Full Details Grid you are also able to lookup other games, too. It's a grid full of data, extracted from your uploaded Battle Results

    Example for my Profile, WN8:

    Full Details Grid for my Company Battles:
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      Always getting a "It seems you did not uploaded any data, therefore vBAddict cannot generate charts for you." error even tho everything else is fine. No matter if on my own profile or your profile, phalynx.
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      Where exactly are you trying to go? That message appears by visiting an empty or non-existing profile.
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      Quote Originally Posted by View Post
      Where exactly are you trying to go? That message appears by visiting an empty or non-existing profile.
      Thats what I get when I click the "Maps" link in my Profile or even the link you posted in the OP.

      Edit: Just fixed it myself. Logging out here and logging in again resolved this issue.
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      You have to find your App Data in WOT and then upload the file. It worked OK for me when I did that, Phalynx. Looks interesting and will have a closer look later. It looks like they are only by the type played than individual stats. But then again an interesting tool to use to see how you are doing vs others, especially for the On Tracks.
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      Is it possible, that the "map distribution" chart is showing values, which don't have anything to do with my own values?
      At least the value differ from the ones is get via battle log and the full details grid (i certainly have more than 5 Games on province)

      Also these value don't seem to change over time.

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      That was a bug, fixed.