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  • ADU Active Dossier Uploader 3.2 with Network Speed Throttling

    A long awaited feature has been implemented into the Active Dossier Uploader: Network Speed Throttling aka Bandwidth Limiting.

    It allows to throttle the upload speed used by ADU to avoid high pings on slower internet connections.

    You can select from a pre-defined set of six speeds, starting with 1 kb/s going up to unlimited high speed mode.

    Keep in mind, uploading replays with 1 kb/s is not really funny, you should either disable uploading of replays or increase the limits.

    Update withing ADU or download the new executable here:
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      Awesome! Thanks so much for adding this.
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      Unlimited upload speed? Well, no more than 30 kb/s is not unlimited speed, i think.
      I did not limited my connection speed for any program in OS.