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  • Statistics for Windows: Wot Numbers

    Wot Numbers is a software you can download and install on your computer to keep track of your World of Tanks progress and performance. It's similar to WOT Statistics and offers an development team which is actively developing the application.

    Players who are familiar with WOT Statistics or vBAddict will recognize a lot of elements from these systems, since Wot Numbers is heavily inspired by them. WOT Statistics users may even import their previously recorded battle results from WOT Statistics into Wot Numbers.

    See a list of Screenshot:

    Download Wot Numbers here:

    Wot Numbers is driven by vBAddict Technology like Dossier-To-JSON.
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      Thanks' for helping us getting the system known in the WoT community.
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      I use WotNumbers for about a week.No bugs till now.It's better than WotStatistics.Good job!!