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  • WN8: v17 has been applied

    Since few days the new table with v17 for the expected tank values is live. I've created the table according to the files created by the team behind WN8 and published on
    It display also the delta to the previous settings v16.

    All WN8 ratings for your Tanks, Battle Results/Replays and Profiles are re-calculated based on the new table. WOT Statistics got also an update containing these new values.

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      In the last week I have problems with ADU. I autostart it with windows, but it gets stuck. Log says: 12:05:04: Active Dossier Uploader v3.2.0.4
      Status is: Yellow light, Checking...
      and it says: Initializing polling...

      Nothing happens after that. Restarting ADU sometimes helps.
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      Why did you posted in the WN8 News?

      No issues known. Please check firewall.