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  • ADU Active Dossier Uploader 3.3 with improved reliability

    A brand new ADU Active Dossier Uploader has been released. It's newest improvement is the improved reliability during maintenance windows and busy times.

    Additionally, with a right mouse click you can reach a menu on each queued file to set it's uploading priority low or high.

    Update withing ADU or download the new executable here:
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      Hi Phalynx,

      I have a question about updating the program. I've had it for a couple of versions now. Every time you release a new update of ADU
      and I want to download it by clicking on the update button in ADU, it says retrieving file and then does nothing. I do get the new version
      on my desktop where I put ADU but it doesn't automatically close the old version and starts up the new one like a couple of versions back.
      Is this normal because you changed it or not?

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      Got the same issue with mine as well.
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      That behavior will be fixed in the next version
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      Hi Phalynx,
      I have a small suggestion for the Battle Results Retriever. Right now, it is automatic get the result files so I wonder why it does not copy those files to some other folder so that if I forgot to start the ADU, all the results are still available to upload later on when the ADU running?
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      ATS doesn't intall and neither does BRR. Fix?