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  • Heatmaps v3: Moving Heatmaps

    One of the most visited section on vBAddict are the Heatmaps. These were introduced by vBAddict in August 2013 and for the first time you were able to see the frequent movement of tanks on all Maps.
    An update to v2 has been released in February 2014. It featured support for larger size of the Heatmaps, splitted Heatmaps by Tank Class and introduced a fresh UI for the Viewer.

    Today I want to introduce another major improvement: Moving Heatmaps for Teams and Tank Classes. Track the ways the hordes of Tanks are taking just to be eliminated. Movement is packed in 58 Images which are played automatically.

    Additionally, v3 features a new Classic Heatmap which is showing frequent positions in a traditional way.

    • Data for Heatmaps extracted from 400 (150 for Moving Heatmaps) randomly selected Replays of each Map played in April 2015
    • All Minimaps have been switched to HD Minimaps by locastan.
    • Drawing also positions of Base, Team and Grid
    • New Maps in Pool:
      • Fiery Salient
      • Himmelsdorf (Winter)
      • Kharkov
      • Komarin
      • Mittengard
      • Stalingrad
      • Tundra
      • Windstorm
      • Winterberg

    Click here for an example of Moving Teams Heatmap Murovanka (~15 MB):

    Classic Heatmap for Murovanka:

    Link for all Heatmaps:

    Once again, thanks to euvido to make this possible!

    Thanks goes also out to locastan for his HD Minimaps.
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      Your work is simply GORGEOUS!!
      Thank you!! Fantastic!!!
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      wow, very nice!