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  • WN8: v26 has been applied

    My first Article since few months! It's not like there were no updates at all, I just didn't felt to write something down.

    The v26 of the WN8 expected tank values has been released. I've created the table according to the files created by the team behind WN8 and published on
    It display also the delta to the previous settings v20.

    The v26 Update brings changes for new tanks.

    WOT Statistics will be updated within the regular WoT v0.9.14 update

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    1.'s Avatar -
      шли бы вы нахуй, ублюдки хуевы. на 20 единиц блять просел вн8 в сравнении с версией 25. бляди тупые. ночью только обновил сегодня. было 1180. сейчас захожу в игру и охуеваю блять. 1154. вы блять ебанулись совсем уже? с v24 на v25 тоже просела на 20-30 единиц. нахуя вы это делаете?
    1.'s Avatar -
      retarded imbeciles. wn8 went down by 20 points compared to v25. same crap was when you released v25 (v24->v25) I had 30 points drop. just updated wn8 today night, it should become 1180 but now I see it's 1154 instead. why the hell you're doing this?