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  • Ads are finally set, exception for donators

    First of all, I would like to thank all donators. You are allowing me to keep the site online.

    My last call for donations to pay the server bill of 273 Euro was open for at least 3,5 Weeks. That was the longest period I had to push notifications for each and every visitor. The last months were similar…
    I have always argued I don’t like ads, they are cluttering the page, they look ugly. Looking at other bigger sites this seems to be the only way to pay the bills without begging for help.

    Since Saturday there is a Google AdSense banner running for not logged in users. In the next days I will prepare the update for WoT 0.9.15 and make some changes to the users subsystem. While I’m doing this I will enable Ads for all users without donations in the last three months. For now, I will not set any minimal required amount for being a donator without ads. Let’s see how the Ad stuff works.

    By the way, if you see some Ads or Script Errors in ADU/Quick Summary, please use the Webversion. The link can be found in your Menu on the left navigation side.
    This is because you are not able to login in ADU, therefore Quick Summary does not know you donated already.

    Please keep also the following technical limitation in mind: I'm not able to link your Patreon / PayPal Account to your Wargaming Account. Wargaming does not publish your eMail Address, therefore I'm unable to see if you have donated. Please insert your eMail Adress nto the field "Donators eMail Address" by editing your vBAddict Profile:
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      I have donated! You do great work worth paying for! Thanks!
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      In my opinion the call for donations messages were more intruding than these adds. It's actually what pushed me over the edge to support you on patreon.

      "and you will be promoted to "Supporter" with higher priority."
      What does higher priority exactly mean in practice?
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      I have donated again (3rd time I think), but I can't get the ad-free to work. Does it take a certain amount of time?

      Is there any way to fix all the script errors? It is really killing things at the moment. I don't mind donating, I don't mind ads, but these errors I can't live with. After every single game I have to tab over to the other monitor and press Esc twice to get it to continue.

      Edit: I had two email addresses associated with my PayPal account, and I wasn't sure which one it was using, so I have now removed one of them, and donated 1 more Euro from the other, so now it should work with that one, and I have set it up in vbaddict. I hope to see the ads disappear soon, they are still generating lots of script errors.

      Edit 2: the ads are now gone, and the world is right again Thanks!
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      I also have no problems with the Ads and i hope it will generate some income.
      My problem are these script errors too
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      At least for ADU you should use the Webversion of the Quick Summary.
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      Thanks for all your hard work here... I donated through patreon for months to try and help defer your server costs, but to no avail, the ads and pesky script errors are now inevitable. I've updated my profile per your request to link "donors" email. Thx again for what you do!
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      Lol... I updated my summary with mydonators email address and now I'm seeing ads where I wasn't seeing them a few minutes ago...
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      I did after you renamed my acc from lazydot to clickillsfun, but will update it again since its been a while, keep it up!
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      what's with the pop-up add blocked page that just started popping up on your site?
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      Are you using an Adblocker?
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      I've been donating for more than half a year, just linked my account, but it doesn't seem to work and keeps spamming me. I am logged in!
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      This obnoxious anti-adblock ad will only annoy people from not donating. Make it more subtle and put it behind a regular ads. See example.

      Otherwise this is what most people like me are going to do.

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      Donated, awesome site. keep it up.