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  • vBAddict and Ads - conclusion

    vBAddict is a big project maintaining statistics for thousands of users. It crunches the binary files produced by WoT and gets the numbers behind your gameplay. To achieve this, vBAddict requires fast servers with big data storage. Last year I've moved vBAddict to a new server infrastructure with two servers – a crunching and a storage machine. That works perfectly, but expensive: Each month I need to pay at least 273 Euro.

    As I don't own the required funds I need to ask you, who is using vBAddict and its services. Until January this year I had to ask in a notification below the header about some donations – and the funds were collected in 1-2 weeks. Including Patreon and PayPal Recurring Payments.
    I'm not sure what happened after this, but almost no donations come in 2 weeks. I had to wait 4 weeks until the required funds were collected.

    That's the reason I decided 6 weeks ago to put some Ads on vBAddict. Donators are excluded from viewing Ads.

    Now I may ask you again about your opinion.

    What's your personal resume from this?
    Do the banners disturb you much?
    Do you turn on an Ad blocker?
    If you dislike Ads, what would you propose to pay the bill?
    (Please don't think about subscription based membership – that doesn't worked in the last 2 years)
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      I believe that you deserve some compensation for your work. Anyone that objects to the ads is welcome to donate or uninstall...
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      I don't like ads in general, because webmasters tend to get too greedy and to deteriorate the service their website provide by polluting the space. This being said, your ads were fairly non-intrusive to me... I'm using the past tense because I am using Adblock, and while I kept the user-friendly-ads option turned on (as in, I display them) your ads has been filtered ever since the "quick summary" button opened the logs in my default browser rather than in ADU.
      This being said, I haven't taken any steps to whitelist them either, because I am a Patreon donator and I couldn't find for the life of me the option to disable ads. I mean, I did enter the "donator email" field, but it did precisely squat.

      There are no perfect way to make money out of a free service on the internet. Maybe you should put the focus less on donations and more on the Patreon system... After all, adding 2-3€ on the WoT monthly bill isn't much given how crazy awesome vbAddict is, and you only need a couple hundred players doing just that to pay the bills.

      Maybe you could also have a "premium" service for clans... I'm fairly certain there are some big names out there throwing hundreds upon hundreds euros in WG's direction.. If you could provide strategic information to them (say, replays from other players? or maybe it's too much...) perhaps they'd be willing to share some of that money with you. Obviously you have to find the line to make everybody happy, but here's an idea.
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      I dont have a problem, why do you ask? I use Adblock but i disabled it after this website asked to. For people like me who cant afford to donate its the only way to support you, and if i can i will.
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      my opinion is just like mawe84 - ABP: off
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      your adds are fine. Unobtrusive and I'm happy to help support you with ABP off.
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      I always use an adblocker as standard and that why I choose to support you on Patreon.
      Seems like the best way to get the benefit of your services without ads.
      Keep it up
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      I've donated a few times, not so much as to prevent ads but to keep the service running as I find it very useful in so many ways. Don't think I have actually noticed an ad as yet. Can't see a few being too much of an issue, especially if they aren't overwhelming the site.
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      Thank you so far for your feedback! It helps me to see what could be done to keep vBAddict online.

      Everybody who donated in the past or is a Patreon should not see any Ad! Please inform me via mail ( with your WoT Nickname and donator eMail Address if you still see ads.

      There is now a notification running if someone is using Adblocker.
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      I will uninstall and leave vbaddict. I hate offensive begging!!
      Why so often you popup your begging!?
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      There is no begging, just Ads. If you don't like em and don't want to donate, feel free to use another service. As far as I know they are all paying their servers with revenue based on Ads.
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      @Full_Retard: The name says it all

      Bye, we wont miss you