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  • Will vBAddict switch to a new Server?

    It has been over two years where vBAddict switched to new servers. The available dedicated server configuration has been expanded to a version which fits to vBAddict without the hassle of having to manage two servers.

    I'm planning to switch to this new Hardware:
    • Dedicated Root Server PX121-SSD with Intel Xeon E5-1650 v3, Hexa-Core Haswell and 256 GB DDR4 ECC RAM (139 Euro per Month)
    • Storage#1: 2x 480 GB SSD SATA 6 Gb/s (included)
    • Storage#2: 2x 3 TB SATA 6 Gb/s HDD Enterprise (36 Euro per Month)
    • 4-Port Hardware RAID Controller(15 Euro per Month)
    • FlexiPack (15 Euro per Month)

    Especially the 256 GB RAM and the 480 GB SSDs were not available two years ago. Maintenance is now easier, as I don't need to duplicate tasks and keep all things together on two servers.

    All components take together 205 Euro per Month, thats 68 Euro less than now (273 Euro).

    To order the new server and move to it, I need to pay the regular fee for the old servers, the regular fee for the new server, and also a setup fee. In summary, for the move I need to pay one time 617 Euro instead of just 273 Euro.

    This is something I'm not able pay from my own pocket, so I'm asking you for support. If you are able to donate something, I would be happy. Every Euro is important!

    Link to my donation information site:
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      Hey Phalynx,

      I just sent you a nice little amount of 15€ to give you some backup. Thanks for all the good work and please, please: keep it up

      Best regards from NRW,
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      In sum there were so far donations of 166 Euro.
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      I appreciate your site very much, so in addition to my monthly pittance, I'm sending 10euro to help you be more sustainable.
      Thanks for everything you do.
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      another €25 from me on its way too
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      Nice, thanks!
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      I'm broke af, so only one euro from me. But I subscribed to your patreon for the next month.
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      I don't see this promoted anywhere on the site while I'm logged into the site.
      I know you might not like to bother your regular contributors for more money, but from a fundraising standpoint, the people who already contribute are the ones more likely to contribute to new causes.
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      Thanks for every donation! Every Euro is welcome

      There is a notification at the top of the site for the first session visit on the site. It's all I will do at this moment. I'm aware this will not be seen by everybody.
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      Here, have 10€. Sorry, I can't give much more, I'm pretty broke and I'm already subscribed to your patreon.
      Hope the migration goes well!
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      10 from me too
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      How is your server switch project going?
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      The new server will be ordered this week
      Thanks to some generous donations, thanks for all of my supporters!

      Probably I will have time to switch in the first week of February.
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      Yay! Thanks for the update!
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      Great! Thanks!
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      The new Server is here! It's very fast and responsive. Currently tweaking all that server stuff before I will move the existing sites to the new server. I have to hurry up, as the old server will be shutdown at the end of february.
      Need also to move site data and database. The exact downtime for the switch will be announced.