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  • vBAddict offline for server move

    Today vBAddict will go offline for few hours, as vBAddict is moving to a new server.

    vBAddict will be offline from 28th Feb 2017 19:00h CET up to 00:00h CET

    During this time the following services are offline:

    * vBAddict Website
    * vBAddict API
    * vBAddict ADU Active Dossier Uploader
    * vBAddict TeamSpeak
    * WoT Developer Wiki
    * WOT Numbers Uploading to vBAddict
    * WOT Statistics Update Checker

    After the move of around ~3 GB of data has been done, I will switch the DNS Servers to the new IP. It can take a few hours to have the IP change in place for all users over the world.

    If you missed it, here are a few details about the new server:
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      Good luck with the move and thanks for all the hard work.
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      Seems vBAddict is now fully working.
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      I cant upload results.
      This error is stated the whole day and stays, as U can see

      Code: 02:16:59: Server is unable to parse uploaded data (errorstate ADUClient: 1 - 0 - Error while uploading data to vBAddict Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (500) Interner Serverfehler.), adding fil 02:16:59: e to offline cache for later try

      Edit: this error is still ongoing
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      Since the update, the dossier is not in sync withe the uploaded files....
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      Server offline??
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      ADU is in Maintenance Mode.
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      expected time to be back online?
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      Sadly no. MySQL is rebuilding tables and index, this could take 2-3 hours.
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      Quote Originally Posted by View Post
      Sadly no. MySQL is rebuilding tables and index, this could take 2-3 hours.
      I assume battles will be back logged till the server is up.
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      still offline or is my adu not working?