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  • WN8: v30 has been applied

    vBAddict has applied now the full release v30 of the WN8 average expected tank values. I've created the table according to the files created by the team behind WN8 and published on
    It display also the delta to the previous settings v29.

    Currently a recalc of all tanks is ongoing.

    Please note, the tank values changed now to average values, as the team behind WN8 is discontinuing the periodic updates.

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      How final is the v30 trend, that all same tier and same class tanks have the same expected damage? In v29 and below all tanks have different expected damage. I think it was better, because with OP tanks had to do more damage for greater wn8. Is it a bug or intentional?
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      It's intentional. The average values are the final step, as the Team behind WN8 is not providing data for new tanks anymore.
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      A really stupid scale
      Add LT, but will not change them to better. That's how to piss off a lot of players
      I hate v30.
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      v30 sorta kills WN8... what will the new standard of skill measurement be ? And how can I pad it ???