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  • The progress table is back!

    The already missed progress table with the results of the last 7, 30, 60 and 90 days has returned with even more data.

    It contains now this data:

    • Battles
    • Winrate
    • Experience
    • Survived
    • Lifetime
    • Mileage
    • Accuracy
    • Damage ratio
    • Damage assisted
    • Damage dealt
    • Damage received
    • Credits received (Gross)
    • Auto-repair vehicle
    • Auto-resupply ammunition
    • Auto-resupply consumables
    • Credits earned (Net)

    The data is based on your uploaded battle results, like the Battlelog, Battlesummary and Income/Expenditure and can therefore differ from your dossier. The dossier contains average data from the beginning of the uploads, while battle results only contain the last data.

    This effects also signature images, with the next update they will be based on the new data source.

    New Efficiency by wot-news, WN7 Efficiency also the Battlehistory are still being reworked and will return probably next week.
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      love it !!!
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      hmmm, is there something wron, i got no data after uploading?

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      Quote Originally Posted by ApOgedoN View Post
      hmmm, is there something wron, i got no data after uploading?
      No Battle Results for this Account uploaded.
      Please use ADU to upload your battle results - simple dossier upload via Web does not work.