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  • Cleanup!

    From today the database will run through different tasks to clean out data. This is needed as the database is growing too much.

    Just a few numbers:

    • Users: 80.000
    • History for charts: 22 Mio
    • Destroyed tanks: 49 Mio
    • Battleresult details for all 30 Users: 70 Mio

    In sum the database contains around 230 Mio entries which are occupying 60 GB of diskspace.

    The following data will be deleted:

    • Profiles inactive since 3 month will be deleted together with their charts, history, achievements and destroyed tanks
    • Additional data for Battleresults (details, userlisting) will be deleted after 30 days, the battle results will stay intact

    The data deletion process has already begun, and as a result the active users count dropped from 80k to 20k.
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    1.'s Avatar -
      As the user accounts dropped so much, please bring back the "Destroyed tanks" statistic. This one was my favourite.
    1.'s Avatar -
      It's still there, it's called Tank Expert / Destroyed Tanks
    1.'s Avatar -
      ya but its not the AWESOME ONE

      bring back the AWESOME ONE plz ? its was so cool...
    1.'s Avatar -
      Will think about it.