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  • ADU 2.3.1 released

    • Improved behaviour in offline mode
    • Improved detection of server state
    • While server is busy do an offline backup for all files
    • Queue works now also with last write time, not only filename, this avoids issues with same name for older battle results

    For the first run ADU can upload already uploaded replays and battle results, just to make sure all files are uploaded.
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    1.'s Avatar -
      Any problems with this version connectivity to your server.. I've been unable to upload results since I upgraded on the 23rd.
    1. nashorn's Avatar
      nashorn -
      yah... me too. After updating to the new version... i cant connect... keep getting "Error:BUSY"
    1.'s Avatar -
      also server unavialable will keep trying message
    1.'s Avatar -
      Server is currently really busy, too many users.
    1.'s Avatar -
      same here
    1.'s Avatar -
      Also connection problems since last update :-((
    1.'s Avatar -
      ADU has been released, addressing this one:
      "Error: the underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly"

      Don't expect server will not be busy/offline any more - this cannot be "fixed".