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  • vBAddict is now powered by donation driven SSD!

    BIG THANKS to all users who donated some bucks. I could now order a 240 GB SSD for vBAddict. Did you noticed already the fresh breezy by surfing on vBAddict? Try to upload your outstanding dossier and battle results from the past days, it should go a lot faster right now.

    Additionally to the 59 EUR I have to pay now 34 EUR for the SSD, which makes 93 EUR per month. Server is hosted by Hetzner, for the interested. This is much money that I have to spent from my own pocket, for a server which is used for 99% for WoT. Performance Analyzer is not a small project for few people like it started in autumn 2011, it's processing data for 900k battles per month.

    For users asking why this server cannot handle more users... we are talking about 1658199 successful uploads just for May 2013, making it an average of 61k uploads for the last two month - daily!
    Additionally to the uploads the server is handling visits of ~4500 users with ~35000 pageimpressions and a lot more served images.
    In the evening hours, where the most traffic is generated, MySQL is processing ~320 queries per second. The database has a size of 58 GB and contains 152 Mio rows.

    Right now there are around 26000 registered users, most of them are uploading regulary. If only 1% of them would pay 50 Cent per month I could lend a second server dedicated to database operations. Actually it is enough for a SSD, which speeds up processing a lot. The uploading queue is currently almost empty, but this was never a big problem at 15h CET. Let's see the run today evening.

    I asked in the feedback forum about a high priority uploading queue for some bucks, and most of the answers were up to 2 EUR.

    If you want to donate something, feel free to do so. Every single Euro or Dollar counts! Here is a link for PayPal and WoT Gift Shop:

    Once again, thanks for all who donated!
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      Ahh smooth again. Donation on the way. GJ Phalynx
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      I dont find the paypal adress where to spend some money
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      Quote Originally Posted by Motormike View Post
      I dont find the paypal adress where to spend some money
      On the homepage there is a "Donate" button on the right side
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      Found it and done
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      I have some junk to ebay this week and will send some paypal when they come in.
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