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  • Skillradar

    The newest addition to the charts is the Skillradar. It shows in a radar like chart how well you are performing vs. the other. The more the radar is filled, the better you are.

    There are Skillradars for overall performance, by tank type and for each tank. Values are calculated for Accuracy, Damage Dealt, Damage Assisted, Survived, Winrate and WN7 Efficiency.

    Skillradar is regenerated once a day.
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    1.'s Avatar -
      How does it work exactly? Is it daily? Is it percentage compared to other players?

      For example my overall skill radar shows:
      93 winrate (which is ~60%for that day)
      82 survived (~36% for the day)
      114 damage assisted 5848 total / 162 per game for the day)
      26 damage dealt which was 14394 total / 399 per game for the day
      77 accuracy which is ~59 (for the day)
      61 efficiency which is ~ 1269 (WN7 for the day)
    1.'s Avatar -
      Skillradar shows the percentage compared to the average (100%). So if you have a skill of 93% you are losing too much. 114% damage assisted means you are assisting 14% above the average.

      The data is for all time, not only today.