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  • Export Tank Statistics

    For those statistics interested players there is now an option to download the complete data from the tank statistics as csv (comma separetad values).
    That way you can do your conclusions on your own with the tool you prefer, f.e. Microsoft Excel.

    If you plan to use that data on a public available site, please inform me about this and link back to vBAddict - Thanks.

    These values are available for all 280 currently available tanks with at least 100 recorded battles:
    • experience
    • experience_per_minute
    • play_time
    • survived
    • mileage
    • winrate
    • accuracy
    • efficiency_wn7
    • spotted
    • damaged_tanks
    • damage_per_hit
    • damage_per_minute
    • damage_ratio
    • damage_dealt
    • damage_received
    • damage_kill
    • damage_assisted
    • damage_assisted_track
    • team_damage_dealt
    • damage_potential_received
    • kills_per_battle
    • hits_pierced
    • creditsn
    • creditsb
    • credits_per_minute_gross
    • credits_per_minute_net
    • operating_costs
    • repair_costs
    • ammunition_costs
    • equip_costs

    Notice: You must be logged in to download that data.

    Comments 5 Comments
    1.'s Avatar -
      I think the usefulness of the data would be substantially improved with decimals. Perhaps they're supposed to be there and there was a problem when I was downloading it?

      Edit: To be more specific, I was thinking that play_time in particular lost a lot of value by being provided in rounded minutes.
    1. atom_12777's Avatar
      atom_12777 -
      Definitely the data need to have decimals, at least one digit. Variables such as spotted_tanks, damaged_tanks, kills_per_battle etc. would be more valuable for analysis (e.g. PCA) if they had 2 or 3 significant digits, not just one.
    1.'s Avatar -
      That makes sense. Extended it with 2 decimals. Added also the whole new bunch of module damage/destroyed, injured tankmen, death reasons and fire caught statistics.
    1. atom_12777's Avatar
      atom_12777 -
      Thanks a lot!
    1.'s Avatar -
      is it possible to enable download again? Thank you