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  • Data for arty from 0.8.6 enabled

    vBaddict is now driven by 0.8.6 data. As 0.8.6 will be released within the next few days I decided to import tank data from 0.8.6 already now.

    New Tanks from 0.8.6 were already imported. Right now also Arty has it's 0.8.6 specifications, espacially the Tier changes.
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      The tank detail pages you get when you click on a tank of fthe list on the left of the main page is not working.


      Not Found
      The requested URL /charts_30days/veryrisky-eu-18448d35b99a514e86ade88688890d76/USA-2/m3-lee-12 was not found on this server.
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      That was a temporary problem by setting new SEO URL's.