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  • vBAddict and WoT 0.8.6

    Patch 0.8.6 has been released yesterday for EU and RU servers, following SEA and NA soon. What does this mean for statistics on vBAddict?

    First of all, vBAddict is well prepared for the released. We are able to read changed dossier and battle results format. The new map, changed and new tanks are already built into the site.

    So what else can we expect new on vBAddict regarding 0.8.6?

    The battle results have some new interesting fields:
    • heHitsReceived
    • noDamageShotsReceived
    • piercedReceived
    • originalCredits
    • originalFreeXP
    • originalXP

    Additionally, the details for every have been extended to include the new damage Assisted via Track:
    • damageAssistedRadio
    • damageAssistedTrack
    • deathReason

    Based on this I'm planning to do some new statistics like Shots received vs. Shots received without damage and Damage Assisted via Track.

    Let's wait until enough data is collected.