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  • Critical hits done to modules, tankmen and reasons why a tank was destroyed

    WoT records every critical hit. Since patch 0.8.6 Wargaming is including this data into the battle results.

    Since now two weeks vBAddict collects data about these crits done to other tanks. Statistics has been extended to display this data. The values are percentages of games where a specific crit has occured against all other games.

    Please keep in mind, the data is not yet collecting four weeks and thus should be treated as beta.

    The following new statistics are now introduced:

    Damaged modules:
    • Damaged engine
    • Damaged ammo bay
    • Damaged fuel tank
    • Damaged radio
    • Damaged track
    • Damaged gun
    • Damaged turret rotator
    • Damaged surveying device

    Destroyed modules:
    • Destroyed engine
    • Destroyed ammo bay
    • Destroyed fuel tank
    • Destroyed radio
    • Destroyed track
    • Destroyed gun
    • Destroyed turret rotator
    • Destroyed surveying device

    Injured Tankmen:
    • Commander
    • Driver
    • Radioman
    • Gunner
    • Loader

    Death reasons:
    • Destroyed by a shot
    • Destroyed by fire
    • Destroyed by ramming
    • Crashed
    • Vehicle drowned

    Just a view examples...
    Tanks with destroyed engine:

    Drowned vehicles, most reason should be self-destruction:
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    1.'s Avatar -
      And now even statistics about fire caught:
    1. ohmleT's Avatar
      ohmleT -
      Thanks a lot. Now i know why centurion hit in track loosing ammo rack...
      Great job overall. How about server costs. I think u should do some records for everybody to know and share burden
    1. ohmleT's Avatar
      ohmleT -
      I hope I'm not alone. keep after good job!
    1.'s Avatar -
      Big thanks!
    1. bounceplink's Avatar
      bounceplink -
      Phalynx, are these stats showing if YOUR tank caught fire / died by fire / etc. or if your tank caused OTHER tanks to do the same?

    1.'s Avatar -
      Your tank caught fire.
    1. bounceplink's Avatar
      bounceplink -
      Did I miss something? Why was the fire stat disabled? Thanks.
    1.'s Avatar -
      Wargaming removed that data from battle results of all players. Just for the player it is still available, but this reduces the sample size from 30 to 1. Need to change the code behind it.
    1.'s Avatar - it coming back?
    1.'s Avatar -
      It has been pushed back. As you can see, you're the only one who requested this since 10 months.