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  • On Vacation

    Please note my absence the next 2 weeks. I'm on vacation with my family, doing some stuff in the so-called real life.

    During this period I can provide only limited support. The development of the Replay Simulator will continue then.

    And the heat maps will be the next step. I'm planing to do all maps with all modes, seperated by tank types. So everyone can see the spotting points of light tanks, waiting positions of TD's, camping points of SPGs, where the most shots have been fired, etc...

    This should also be possible within your own profile, so you can see what you are doing most on Ruinberg

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      Have fun.
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      "Real Life" is often underrated. Have a good break with the family and see if you can forget what a tank is for a little while.
    1. Praetor77's Avatar
      Praetor77 -
      This feature would be SOOOOOOO awesome...
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      Returned from vacation, let's get this thing rolling.
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      This heat map idea looks great, I'm looking forward to it!
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      Heatmaps are now available, read the annoncement: