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  • WoT 0.8.8 and vBAddict

    Some good and some bad news.

    Good news: vBAddict is now able to read and show data produced by WoT 0.8.8
    This contains the new map Tundra and the newly added tanks.

    Dossier files, Battle Results and Replays have slightly different file formats, my parsers are now able to read them.

    Wargaming also decided to cut off some data from the battle results and replays - that is the bad news. In detail they have removed the details and crits of 29 players of the game, now only details for the uploader are included.
    This means the statistics will be less accurate regarding module damages, fire, deathreasons.

    On the other hand they added informations about the progress of the current missions, as you can see also in the updated battle result window after the game. Let's see if there is a need to visualize this data.

    Please report back if there are missing tank images.
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      Test 2 brought some changes to the dossier file format. It contains now additional data, which I will include here soon.
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      WoT-Dossier-Cache-to-JSON currently can't read dossier cache v0.8.8 Maybe structures_.json also should be updated.
    1.'s Avatar -
      Should be available this week.
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      Got some spare time and updated project with the structures_29.json