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  • Hot. Hotter. Heatmaps.

    With the introduction of the Battle Actions and Battle Simulator I promised to deliver also data about most frequent tank movements for all maps. Today the replay processing finished and the heatmaps can be observed in detail.

    Each Heatmap results of the analysis of 500 randomly selected replays from August 2013. Also for some maps there seems to be an inbalance regarding count of reported positions, this will be fixed within the next iteration next month.

    As for the next evolving step, I'm planing to do all maps additionally with encounter/assault, seperated by tank classes. So everyone can see the spotting points of light tanks, waiting positions of TD's, camping points of SPGs, where the most shots have been fired, where tanks are getting destroyed the most...

    Heatmaps will be also available for each profile, so you can see where on Ruinberg you are driving crazy.

    View all Maps:

    Maps which are not selectable don't have enough data, as there are just a few replays available.

    Thanks to euvido to make this possible!