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  • Keep your Replays private

    Since last week you are able to control the visibility of your replays and chat.

    With these options your are able to control:
    • Visibility of your Clanwar Replays
    • Visibility of your non-Clanwar Replays
    • Visibility of the Chat extracted from your Replays

    Clanwar Replays are by default only visible for your Clanmates.

    Global visibility can be changed in your profile. That way all existing Replays will get the new visibility settings. All new uploaded Replays will get the changed settings automatically.

    Please keep in mind, you need to be logged in to change the visibility.
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      Battle simulator should also have privacy settings.
    1.'s Avatar -
      Battle Simulator is using the replay privacy, as it is also showing movement which is not always intendent for the public.