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  • More features for Clans, Battle Analysis via Simulator

    Managing a Clan can lead to much work, as for example checking performance of each member.
    You can use vBAddict to get a statistic view on you clan, track Clanwars and analyze replays.

    With the Battle Action and Battle Simulator your Field Commanders are able to review Clanwars.

    Let's take for example the Clan Eesti Eest Surmani:

    There is an overview of the last 10 Clanwars, along with the name of the opponent and the result. As a Member of the Clan, you can view the Replays.

    With the help of the "Progress from Clanwars" you can analyze how the clan improved in the last 30, 60 and 90 days. This takes the clanwars which were played in the given timeframe.
    Additionally, you can check progress of public random games from Clanmembers.

    On the overview you can even search for a clan, similar to the function to search for a player.

    Remember to allow your Clanmembers to view your uploaded Clanwar Replays.