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  • PROScout introduces new Map Style, enhanced by vBAddict Heatmaps

    Tazilon, the man behind the famous PROScout maps, is massively reworking his maps. The first Map he will touch is the re-introduced Komarin.

    Read his statement:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tazilon
    PROScout takes advantage on vBAddict's Heatmap technology (using custom-made Heatmaps) to provide more accurate placement of common starting enemy tank positions. Additionally, whereas the older maps show generic tank placement, lumping lights, mediums and heavys together, the new style maps break down positions for each tank type.
    Check the new map for your own, here is the link:

    Read his announcement on WG EU:

    and the same for WG NA:

    As Tazilon used heatmaps with tank types from vBAddict, they will be shortly available for the public. The data has been already collected, I'm still working on the visuals.
    Until then, you can just study the existing team based heatmaps (position maps, movement maps, etc.):