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  • Charts starting from 0.8.9 - XP w/o Bonuses, Damage Assisted

    Commanders, the individual charts have been extendet!

    You are able to track these additional parameters:
    • Original XP, without Bonuses like daily x2/x3/x5 and without premium account
    • Damage Assisted via Radio
    • Damage Assisted via Track
    • Pierced Shots
    • Mileage driven
    • Trees cut - for some fun

    These data is pulled from the dossiers, so only tanks you played today have this kind of data. Damage Assisted is available since 0.8.8, therefore more data is available.
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    1.'s Avatar -
      Nice work. Does it have the number of monuments destroyed as well?
    1.'s Avatar -
      Would be even more funny, but sadly not
    1.'s Avatar -
      when will you support team battle replay and cache file?
    1.'s Avatar -
      Already supporting since the beginning.