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  • Roadmap Q4/2013

    Many new stuff is coming the next weeks.

    Let me describe them:
    vBAddict 2.0
    The biggest update to vBAddict is is on the way. It contains a new fresh style and responsive layout, together with a reworked navigation.
    Main purpose of this is to let you benefit of a more intuitive control of your data.
    As this contains changes to all templates and also to the underlying backend, this requires a lot of work. I'm already working on this this many weeks, let's see if it can be released before the end of November.

    New Tanklist:

    Progress seperated from the main profile:

    Based on expected vehicle stats, the new WN8 a big step ahead compared to WN6 and WN7.

    Platoon Charts
    Based on Battle Results, this will bring analysis of your games with your friends.

    Team Battle Charts (7x42)
    The new introduced Team Battles will have its own charts, similar to Tank Company and Clanwars.

    ATS Advanced Tank Statistics
    It hooks to your WoT Garage and extracts many more data about your tanks in garage, like used modules, equipment, ammunition, progress on crew skills. Addtionally, it will gather data about purchased stuff, making the dream of a real expenditure come true.
    ATS works in conjuction with ADU Active Dossier Uploader. If you want to use that information to complete your statistics, ADU 2.6 is able to install/uninstall the required modification into your WoT modification directory, and upload the extracted informations to vBAddict.

    Battle Result Retriever
    Main downside of the Battle Results analysis is the part where you leave a battle before it ends, therefore no Battle Results gets written. The BRR is, like ATS, a modification for WoT which will do that for you: It will retrieve unseen Battle Results and let WoT write them to disk, so ADU can upload to vBAddict.

    Missing Battles based on Battle Results
    Extract basic informations from battles out from uploaded Replays. This will work for users not using BRR.

    Upload Replays via Webinterface
    Possibility to upload and share a replay directly from the Web without using ADU

    Statistics about module damages
    This will bring back the disabled module damage statistics

    Reworked Common Profile Charts
    The mechanism of the current Common Profile Charts is not working properly. Changing it requires a lot of changes to the underlying database, therefore this change will take some time.

    Heatmaps for Tank Types
    The new Heatmaps will feature Heatmaps for all new Maps, seperated by Tank Types / Classes. It will feature also a short description about the map, provided by Tazilon.

    WN8 will be released this week. vBAddict 2.0 at the end of November. All other stuff require the changes made for vBAddict 2.0 and therefore will be released at the end of November and in December 2013.

    Thanks for your applications, I will invite you asap to the closed beta group.
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      The new style looks very nice.
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      Whow, can't wait to have all these new functions implemented! Very good job!!
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      Regarding the Beta, there are now enough people. Thanks for your applications, I will invite you asap to the closed beta group.
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      If anyone drops off of the beta or gets banned, let me know. I enjoy finding bugs.

      Thanks for the rocking platform!
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      WOW! I don't use ADU just because missing battleresult (I miss ~30% results - usually because when lose and start next battle and forget to open previos result later).
      Battle Result Retriever will fix this problem and this is killer app/mod for me.
      I would like to use (and donate) ADU again when it's ready!
      Good job!
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      keep on the good job !
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      Looking Awesome. I can't wait.
    1. Vertius's Avatar
      Vertius -
      Purely amazing...
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      That looks great. Thanks for all Your work
    1. jopol's Avatar
      jopol -
      You never cease to amaze me! Awesome!
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      ADU 2.6 + ATS 1.0 is now released to the beta participants. Please check the internal forum for instructions.
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      Thanks for this great job.... very usefull at work to share stats with the coffee, in the morning :-)

      The next version is really promising.

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      Hello Phalynx

      I wonder when we can expect new vbaddict and ADU?
      I can't wait it anymore :P

      Sorry for my english. I hope you can understand me.
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      ADU 3 with ATS and BRR is currently in heavy beta test, vBAddict 2 is delayed.