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  • Regarding the incorrect Map Statistics team balance Stats, stated by Storm

    Seems the WoT Devs stumbled over my Site, to be exact about the Map Statistics, team balance (Link).

    To verify the numbers, I've done right now a query to the live database, and I can just confirm the numbers for Northwest. I've limited the dataset to the random public battles of the last 30 days, making it 17891 (9807, 7462, 622) battles at all.
    Based on this, it's 54,8% winrate for Team 1, 41,7% winrate for Team 2 and 3,4% drawrate.

    Please keep in mind, vBAddict does not represent the worldwide server population. It's a mix of different servers (eu, na, ru, kr), combined with the nature of human by avoiding bad results. This is the main downside of data based on Battle Results: WoT writes them only to disk if you stay till the end of the battle, or by reviewing the Battle Results after a notification of an finished battle has appeared. There are many users which are not interested in such lost games, therefore mainly the better games are uploaded.

    The Battle Results Retriever should address this issue, but I'm experiencing technical difficulties with the creation of a working mod. If someone can help me with this, he would receive 5500 GOLD. Just contact me on to discuss the further details.