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  • WN8 on vBAddict

    Since few days vBAddict offers WN8 where WN7 was also used. That includes profile overview, each tank, every single battle, progress based on battle results, tank statistics, map statistics, etc... I will keep WN7 as a comparable option.

    Keep in mind, for battle related stuff I'm using a modified WN8 called WN8 WR50. This formula is using a winRate of 50% for single battles. In a couple of days I will replace it with WN8 WRx, which is using the expected winRate of that tank. Additionally, I want to include assisted damage, still have to clarify the best way with the creators of WN8.

    Also, the colors used for WN8 are still the old ones from WN7. Will change them to new ones, as soon as they are finalized.

    Link to an overview and explanation of each aspect of WN8
    Link to the WN8 Frequently Asked Questions aka FAQ
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    1. buster222's Avatar
      buster222 -
      Adding Wn8 is really great job, but are you planing correct calculating of Wn7? Because diff betwen VBadict WN7 and other stats pages are up to 30% - and makes VB unusable for me... Thanks Buster222
    1.'s Avatar -
      Can you please show me where exactly you see that 30%?
    1.'s Avatar -
      WN8 has been updated to the latest expected tank stats version 12.