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  • WoT-Replay-BattleResult-To-JSON

    There is a demand on scripts to process the data produced by WoT. Because of this I created a script to extract the JSON blocks from the replay:

    WoT-Replay-BattleResult-To-JSON v8.3

    The script is able to extract all three text/JSON blocks, including the battle result. For easier use I included also a batch to process all replays from the current directory.

    After my first open source project, the WoT-Dossier-Cache-to-JSON (Link), I decided to share this script only in compiled form. The reason is simple, there were almost no contributions to WoT-Dossier-Cache-to-JSON, so I don't expect to have any with the new script.

    There is a README included in the ZIP, and if you have questions don't hesitate to contact me.
    I would be glad if you would credit me in your project. Also a donation is very welcome!

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