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  • vBAddict now running with 480 GB SSD

    Once more vBAddict has used the Server to the max. This time, the size of the database has grown to the limit of the existing 240 GB SSD. Because of this, and the new features like ATS in mind, I have extended the server with a 480 GB SSD.

    This costs additionally 39 EUR per Month, but is required to operate as usual.

    The 240 GB SSD will be re-used to speed up caching via proxy, which is currently using RAM as a cache.

    Just few numbers of vBAddict processing...
    In high peak times there are ~95 users per minute on the site, each day around 7300 users were here. Per day around 110000 files are uploaded and processed. And I expect the numbers to grow!
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    1. Scrambled's Avatar
      Scrambled -
      Damn son... that's a lot of data!
    1.'s Avatar -
      I hope those of us using vbaddict will contribute cash to keep this running and ad-free.


      Thanks for a great tool. See your PayPal account for a contribution.

      Best regards,

    1.'s Avatar -
      Thanks KenFlorian, very appreciated!
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      Wouldnt it be more efficient to put all files older than 24h or 48h to a normal hdd?
      Cost less and who waited 2 days can also wait 2 min
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      We are talking here about a MySQL database. You can't seperate files. Replays are stored on normal 3 TB disks.
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      ah ok you only have the database there not the replays. didnt say anything