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  • ATS (Advanced Tank Statistics)

    The ATS (Advanced Tank Statistics) collects tank data from your Hangar and saves them to disk. ADU picks them and uploads automatically to the vBAddict Server.

    These data includes configuration of your tank like equipment, consumables and modules, the crew and their skills.

    Based on this data, I want to build up a database which can be used for example to analyze the efficiency of equipment, consumables and modules to the winRate or any other rating like WN8.

    Another possible idea is to compare your configuration with others. vBAddict would be able to suggest you for example to purchase equipment for a free slots, because 80% of the Top 1000 players are using this specific equipment.

    Or, vBAddict can suggest you a specific equipment which are using most of the users comparable with your movement profile.

    These kind of information cannot be used on the current old vBAddict Website. The new vBAddict 2.0 will be released within the next few weeks, making it possible to have a deeper look on your tank configuration.

    For the first time, ADU will be busy uploading each tank data, this can take a while espacially if you have a ton of tanks in your garage. After that initial rush, ADU transfers only tank data which was modified, e.g. after coming back from a battle.

    ATS is part of the ADU Active Dossier Uploader 3.0
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      Some of this will be very useful as the in-gamer hanger interface is a bit tedious to use.

      For example I'm looking forward to seeing a listing of my crews and being able to sort by skill level which you can't do in the garage.

      Another possibility would be to improve the income statistics. At the moment what we see is a cashflow stat. But if you can see what is in the depot, you could then see adjust your daily income for consumable and ammo usage. Since most sensible players buy all their premium ammo and consumables in bulk on discount, it would make more sense of than the current data wher eif you shoot a lot of gold ammo from the depot, your net income goes up.

      Obviously these things will take time to work on but there is a lot of potential.
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      Good news for you, ATS with expenditure is already in work, ADU can handle such files already. Still ATS is not working 100% with this, that's why I disabled it for the moment.
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      The "Install ATS" is greyed out, cannot push to start the installation of it. WoT is runnng at the moment. I'll try later once the Campaign battles are over, but for the moment restarting the application doesn't change teh situation.

      Me an idiot, I did not read your previous post. Sorry...
    1. LordMarconius's Avatar
      LordMarconius -
      The ADU asked me to enable ATS anyway! I did so, and now I can't uninstall it, because the button is greyed out and I don't know what files belong to it.
    1.'s Avatar -
      Did you tried already to uninstall from the status line? The button is not disabled, so I'm just wondering why it should be that.
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      ATS does some problem with mod "YasenKrasen" session statistics exel. Session statistic dont function corretly in version 8.10.:-( Please repair it.

    1.'s Avatar -
      Please read here:

      I'm currently on vacation and unable to fix anything.