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  • ADU v3.0 with ATS and BRR has been released

    After few weeks of development the new ADU Active Dossier Uploader v3.0 has been released.

    Despite the new major version, the look of the GUI didn't change very much. In summary the changes are behind the scenes, opening new possibilities. ADU 3 brings management of mods. ATS and BRR are delivered that way.

    Just the biggest changes:
    • Automated installation of supported Mods makes it easy to keep them updated. Updates to existing Mods are enrolled automatically.
    • ATS Advanced Tank Statistics. More Information can be found here.
    • BRR Battle Results Retriever. More Information can be found here.
    • Trayicon has now a context menue with the most used functions
    • Faster startup
    • Faster and more responsive GUI
    • Debugging options to clean out ADU's configuration and local cache, or simply jump into the local cache used by ADU
    • Added possibility to upload multiple replays at once
    • Several bugfixes regarding the uploads and handling
    • Several smaller changes, improvements

    For developing the BRR, I wanted to thank locastan from the EU Server. It was tricky to get it running!

    Thanks to my beta team, which was reporting errors, providing a ton of logfiles and suggesting features (in alphabetical order):
    bhawk1, DarthWanderer, domistiller, DrJam, Gethin, graukatze, Hyperinen, johny_mnemonic, Mordrek, Nordului, nothus, tom_Cat, UfoRia, VeryRisky

    Download ADU Active Dossier Uploader directly here, no installation needed:

    Or, if you are already running ADU, let ADU automatically upgrade to v3.0
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      Great Work! Thanks a lot for your effort
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      Hmm, when I downloaded, it seems to only be version Also, the "Update ADU" button is greyed out on the toolbar.
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      It's cached. There are already dozens of users running with the new version, I don't see a problem here.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Phalynx View Post
      It's cached. There are already dozens of users running with the new version, I don't see a problem here.
      My apologies, firewall rule was preventing auto-update of ADU.
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      Thanks man. Its great. Now you get an other 500 Replays

      Edit: Just seen, that not all replays are ok. So a function to delete a replay from the upload list is missing. Cause now he tries again and again to upload it. only quit and start again solve the problem.
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      Update 3.0.1 has been released. It will notice now if running without admin priviliges. Also, it features a new option in configuration to change the WoT Root (Tab called "Mods").
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      Would be nice to know what exact files it adds to the mods folder. Tried to find that info but no luck.
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      I got notification about new version, but even after ADU restart, "Update ADU" button is still grayed out.
      Message is below: 21:03:52: Important: There is a new version of ADU (v3.0.1.1) available, click on the "Update ADU" button to install the new version automatically.
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      Regarding the grayed out "Update ADU", please read here:
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      Nice work, Phalynx (and locastan)!
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      It is normal for version ADU to go offline and then build a queue of over 30 replays, dossiers, and battle results because it doesn't upload? Even forcing it online doesn't let it start uploading.. Only restarting solves the uploading issue
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      Without a logfile I'm unable to debug the reason. Please provide me the logfiles.