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  • Roadmap Q4/2013 - Progress

    Taking a look at my Roadmap 6 weeks ago, some parts of it have been released, some not.
    First of all, the new vBAddict 2.0 is already in hard tests by a small amount of peoples. Development is running, still there are some CSS issue which forbid the use for all players.

    Additionally to the known stuff, I worked on a Site and Wiki for the WN Efficiency Team.

    You can read more about WN8 here:
    The expected tank values, which are based on the uploaded dossier of vBAddict players, are hosted here:

    I'm now on vacation from 22. Dec 2013 - 07. Jan 2014, so don't expect any change during this time. Will read the forums and tracker via Smartphone, also monitoring the server. Most of the time I will not have the tools and time to do programming.

    Let's see how the other stuff progressed:

    Platoon Charts
    Work in progress.

    Team Battle Charts (7x42)
    Work in progress.

    ATS Advanced Tank Statistics

    Battle Result Retriever

    Missing Battles based on Battle Results
    Work in progress.

    Upload Replays via Webinterface
    This is bound to the "Missing Battles based on Battle Results", work in progress.

    Statistics about module damages
    Currently on ice, as the base of data is too small atm.

    Reworked Common Profile Charts
    Work in progress.

    Heatmaps for Tank Types
    Will be delivered with vBAddict 2.0
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      Thanks for the great work. Enjoy your vacation and see you next year