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This Portal Site informs you about the possibilities vBAddict is offering for your Projects.

Sites and Tools driven by vBAddict Technology

vBAddict is not alone in the World of Tanks. Several Sites and Tools are using my Tools and API to enhance their own products.

Here is an incomplete List:

  • Data delivery for the WN7/WN8 Team for the calculation of the expected tank values
  • Statistics via vBAddict API for Sites and Tools like,, Tank Inspector ("LiveStats") or
  • Dossier Cache to JSON is used by Applications like WOT Statistics, Wot Dossier and Wot Numbers
  • Replay to JSON is used by WoT Replay Analyzer

Show your Respect

Developing this site and the tools is very time consuming. By using my tools and statistics you are agreeing to credit me in your Application/Project. It would be great if you would link me via

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Tools to get the most out of WoT

WOT Statistics Open Source Project:
WOT Statistics Open Source

Convert your Dossier Cache files to JSON. Project on GitHub:

Convert your Battle Results to JSON. Project on GitHub:

Convert your Replays to JSON. Project on GitHub:

vBAddict API

Do you need some data collected by vBAddict to spice up your own project? Ask me via to get access to the vBAddict API.

WoT Developer Wiki

Together with Scrambled from I've created a Wiki with much informations related to the technical aspects of WoT
WoT Developer Wiki

For Developers Support Forum

Need Help with a tool I've created? Questions about implementation? Ask me and the developing community by visiting the Support Forum
For Developers Support Forum

About vBAddict

Get in touch with Phalynx, the person behind vBAddict and his other Projects related to WoT.
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